The PALEOMAGIA database is the final outcome of a long-lasting project to create an easily accessible and user-friendly resource of Precambrian paleomagnetic data. It dates back to 1986, when the first compilation of paleomagnetic data of Fennoscandian Shield was published at the first Nordic paleomagnetic database meeting. Thereafter, updated versions of the catalogue were occasionally published (e.g. Pesonen et al. [1991]).

In the 2001 Chris Powell Memorial meeting, a decision was made to upgrade the Fennoscandian paleomagnetic data compilation to a global one. The data were converted from plain text files to MS Excel tables, and finally to an online-accessible MYSQL database. Gathering the data was mainly done by Lauri J. Pesonen, David A.D. Evans and numerous research assistants. Toni Veikkolainen is responsible for the technical part of the database project, the maintenance of the data and this website.

In 2014 MagIC Database Workshop, a close co-operation with Scripps Institution of Oceanography at University of California, San Diego, was initiated, leading to the gradual integration of PALEOMAGIA data to the Magnetics Information Consortium (MagIC) database. Therefore links to MagIC database are also provided in PALEOMAGIA, wherever available.

This project would not have been possible without the cooperation of following scientists:

Ph.D. Toni VeikkolainenDepartment of Physics, University of Helsinki, Helsinki, FINLAND
Ph.D. Nicholas A. JarboeScripps Institution of Oceanography, University of California at San Diego, CA, USA
Prof. Lauri J. PesonenDepartment of Physics, University of Helsinki, Helsinki, FINLAND
Prof. David A.D. EvansDepartment of Geology and Geophysics, Yale University, New Haven, CT, USA
Ph.D. Satu MertanenGeological Survey of Finland, Espoo, FINLAND
Prof. Joseph G. MeertDepartment of Geological Sciences, University of Florida, Gainesville, FL, USA
Prof. Sten-Åke ElmingDivision of Applied Geophysics, Luleå University of Technology, Luleå, SWEDEN

For citations, the following reference is preferred:

Veikkolainen, T.H., Biggin, A.J., Pesonen, L.J., Evans, D.A.D., Jarboe, N.A., 2017. Advancing Precambrian palaeomagnetism with the PALEOMAGIA and PINT(QPI) databases. Scientific Data, 4, 170068, doi:10.1038/sdata.2017.68.

Alternatively, you can cite a paper which describes an older and technically different version of the database:

Veikkolainen, T., Pesonen, L.J., Evans, D.A.D., 2014. PALEOMAGIA, a PHP/MYSQL paleomagnetic database of the Precambrian paleomagnetic data. Studia Geophysica et Geodaetica, 58, 425-441.