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This form is intended for the paleomagnetic community to submit new poles from publications to be included in PALEOMAGIA. All information will be checked by the database administrator to ensure validity and coherence before acceptance.

Please only report data which have been already published, not preliminary information. Once you have submitted the data, no further changes can be made.


Rock unit (e.g. Tabankort rhyolite):

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If you have data from multiple countries, select the most relevant. If the country is not in PALEOMAGIA country data, select "Other country" from the bottom of the dropdown menu. As far as you have adequate site latitude and longitude data, PALEOMAGIA administrators can find the country the data were obtained from.


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Please use decimal points, rather than commas, here. If you don't provide pole latitude and longitude, you need to provide site values.

Isotopic age in Ma:

Age references:

Using Digital Object Identifiers (DOIs), if available, in listing age references is recommended. If they are unavailable, please mention the reference so that it can be conveniently found. It is desirable to check whether the reference has been already mentioned in the PALEOMAGIA age reference page.

Age determination method:

Use codes mentioned in PALEOMAGIA documentation, if possible.

Mean age in Ma (e.g. 1885):

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Suggested age limits of magnetization in Ma (e.g. 1880-1890):

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Number of samples:

You need to provide either the number of sampling sites or the number of samples.

Statistical method used to calculate mean direction and pole:

Site-mean Sample-mean


Mixed polarity is only to be selected in cases where the paleomagnetic data has both polarities, but no poles have been obtained for normal and reversed poles separately.



You must give a valid declination - inclination pair.



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Please use decimal points, rather than commas, here. If you don't provide site latitude and longitude, you need to provide pole values.




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If in doubt, select zero for these.

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You need to provide at least the name of publication, authors, medium of publication and year.


To allow direct links to the paper and MagIC database, reporting the Digital Object Identifier (DOI) of the paper is highly encouraged.


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